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The unique highlight of a Whimz Party or Program is the ever changing variety of live animals that are integrated into the theme.

What child can resist a playful hedgehog, a friendly lizard, or any of our other gently raised small mammals, amphibians and reptiles? Everyone gets a chance to hold and learn about the animals.

Whimz is a home run business, which allows the animals to receive round-the-clock care and attention. All the Whimz animals are obtained only through reputable pet centres and breeders, and are handled from a very young age to ensure that they are gentle and people-friendly. Whimz does not advocate the practice of removing animals from their natural habitat.

Whimz feels it is important to have a variety of animals for educational purposes, and does everything to ensure that all our animals live in comfortable environments. Our animals live in large cages or aquariums, are exercised and handled daily, and are fed only fresh food. Our staff receive extensive training on each of the Whimz animals with regard to background information, care and handling.

Not all of our animals are appropriate home pets due to the high maintenance and attention they require. If you and your child are interested in having a pet, please inquire at a pet centre to ensure that you can provide it with the proper care.

Our Animals

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How To Choose Your Animals For Your Party or Program
  • Please give us a list of AT LEAST 10 animal requests.
  • You can choose from ALL the different categories (small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc.)
  • There will be maximum 8 animals at your party or program (unless otherwise arranged; ie: school fairs).
  • We can guarantee that there will be 3 to 4 animals of your request, BUT we cannot guarantee in any order of preference. This can be due to other parties or programs, plus the unpredictability of animals (ie: shedding, breeding, etc.)
  • You can put in UP TO three requests of animals you DO NOT want (ie: snakes, bugs, etc.)
Our job is to make sure that your party or program is AMAZING and we will always send a great combination of animals!!! This is what we do BEST!!!
Enter your animals preferences on the booking form, or leave your requests on our voice mail at 416-656-7894 or email to

For Birthday Parties
There will be 7 to 8 animals at your party.
We come for one hour parties (or longer should you wish). The shortest party time we offer is 45 minutes. A 45 minute party reduces party rates by $15.00 +HST.

For School Programs only
For half hour programs: there will be 4 to 5 animals.
For 45 minute programs: there will be 6 to 7 animals.
For one hour programs: there will be 7 to 8 animals.

For the HEALTH & SAFETY of our animals: parties and programs MUST be held indoors (unless arranged otherwise - this usually includes School Fairs and Street Fairs only)
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