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In Class Programs

Whimz is available for daytime programs for Schools (J.K. - Grade 8) at Pre-Schools, Childcare Centres, Nurseries, and Montessori Schools. Also great for Girl Guides & Scout Troops.

These specially designed programs, geared towards young children, focus on giving the children the opportunity to hold and learn about live animals while teaching the importance of being gentle and respectful to all living creatures.

Our staff can come to your location for an hour (our minimum visit time) and stay as long as you like. You can break your into half hour, 45 minute or one hour programs (we highly suggest a minimum of 45 minutes). For a half hour program, the participants would meet 4 to 5 animals, 45 minutes will meet 5 to 6 animals and a full hour will meet up to 8 different animals. For School Programs, we gear the presentation to the TDSB Life Sciences Curriculum for that particular grade level. You will also be able to help with choosing the animals that will be at your program. We can also arrange to visit you once a week or once a month and bring different animals and a different adventure every time. It is a fantastic way to bring a variety of animals from all over the world direct to you--all hands on learning and fun.

Contact us about our
Shomrei Chayyot Program
"Guarding The Animals"
A Jewish perspective
of Animals & Nature

For pricing: please refer to our Pricing page. In calculating your cost, please keep in mind that we do not charge for recess or lunch times and if we do come in for over half a day or for repeated visits, we can reduce your price (please call directly to the Whimz office at 416-656-7894 or email to for a quote).

After School Programs

Whimz Programs will come in to your school to provide your children with a fully interactive Live Animals Programs.

Students engage in the in-depth exploration of the many Whimz animals while exploring creativity through hands-on activities.

Each class (6 to 10 week sessions available) focuses on a variety of themes.

The program encompasses a range of ages and building team dynamics to create an encouraging and non-competitive environment. The sessions are non-repetitive and can also be customized. Children can repeat this program again and again.

School Programs

Owen Public School

To Register for the Winter 2016 After School Program at Owen Public School, please download and complete the
Owen P.S. Registration Form.

Faywood Public School

To Register for the Winter 2016 After School Program at Faywood Public School, please download and complete the
Faywood P.S. Registration Form.

Whimz has been a huge part of our regular and summer programs for over ten years and we couldn't be happier! Their staff are so respectful and patient with the children, ensuring that even the smallest hands have the opportunity to hold and pet the animals.
After a visit from Whimz our Centre is always buzzing with all the animal facts and information that have been discovered.
It truly is a unique and wonderful experience for the children and one that produces many smiles!
Thank you Whimz!

Cottingham Child Care Centre

On behalf of Northlea Public School, thank you for your many years of supporting our Welcome Back BBQ. Your informative entertaining staff and adorable animals keep the children and parents requesting you back year after year. In the midst of the busyness, you somehow create a space where each child touching and experiencing the animals feels valued and able to experience a quiet moment of peaceful learning. Thank you for all you have given to every child who has benefitted from Whimz at Northlea Public School. We look forward to having you back in 2011.

Marie Fullerton
Welcome Back Barbeque Coordinator
Northlea Public School

I loved the way I could touch the chinchilla and snake. I learned about which animals to be wary of and how they fit into their natural habitats. I saw animals that I would never see in the wild and learned how to feed and pet them all.

Owen Public School

The Whimz Program has been a part of Hillcrest After School Rocks for the past 5 years. It has always been a pleasure working together with Tracy and her staff, they are fantastic with the kids, very patient and enthusiastic.
The children are so excited after school on Fridays because they can't wait to see their favourite Whimz animal or to meet a new addition to the family.
After the class, the kids come out bursting with new information and facts that they learned.
This program is not only an exciting class for the kids to look forward to after school, but it is helping to shape them into nurturing caregivers for all animals and their habitats, either as pets or that they come across in our environment.

Hillcrest Community Center

We've had Whimz after school classes at our elementary school for years! The children love to learn about animals while they are taught how to handle them gently - all of the kids rave about the class! My own daughter has gone to every session for the last 3 years - she can't get enough of it!

Cathy Sibley
Council Chairperson
Three Valleys Public School

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